Mar. 9th, 2016

Ye Cosy Nooke, as its name will immediately suggest to those who know their London, is a tea-shop in Bond Street, conducted by distressed gentlewomen. In London, when a gentlewoman becomes distressed--which she seems to do on the slightest provocation--she collects about her two or three other distressed gentlewomen, forming a quorum, and starts a tea-shop in the West-End, which she calls Ye Oak Leaf; Ye Olde Willow-Pattern, Ye Linden-Tree, or Ye Snug Harbour, according to personal taste. There, dressed in Tyrolese, Japanese, Norwegian, or some other exotic costume, she and her associates administer refreshments of an afternoon with a proud languor calculated to knock the nonsense out of the cheeriest customer. Here you will find none of the coarse bustle and efficiency of the rival establishments of Lyons and Co., nor the glitter and gaiety of Rumpelmayer's. These places have an atmosphere of their own. They rely for their effect on an insufficiency of light, an almost total lack of ventilation, a property chocolate cake which you are not supposed to cut, and the sad aloofness of their ministering angels. It is to be doubted whether there is anything in the world more damping to the spirit than a London tea-shop of this kind, unless it be another London tea-shop of the same kind.

Maud sat and waited. Somewhere out of sight a kettle bubbled in an undertone, like a whispering pessimist. Across the room two distressed gentlewomen in fancy dress leaned against the wall. They, too, were whispering. Their expressions suggested that they looked on life as low and wished they were well out of it, like the body upstairs. One assumed that there was a body upstairs. One cannot help it at these places. One's first thought on entering is that the lady assistant will approach one and ask in a hushed voice "Tea or chocolate? And would you care to view the remains?"

P. G. Wodehouse, A Damsel in Distress
Удивительно, с каким упорством народ цепляется за мнение, что политика - это про Обаму, Мёркель, "все политики одинаковые", "грязное дело" и вообще "нас не касается". Сейчас вот коснулось каждого, кто проходит мимо привычных овощей/фруктов по причине их дороговизны, давится "сырным" продуктом конверсии импортозамещения и проходит пару лишних кварталов до магазина "шаговой доступности".

Дойдёт до большинства, наконец, что политика - это про то, что будет завтра с НАМИ происходить, с нашими улицами, магазинами, школами и поликлиниками? Мне бы очень хотелось забыть вообще про это большинство, но, к сожалению, именно оно является творцом окружающей реальности. И пока оно выбирает жить в fool's paradise, всё будет меняться только к худшему.



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